Vastu Principles to Follow for Ideal Home Selection

The key to a happy and peaceful home is learning about Vastu for home and how it relates to the healing arts. When selecting a new home, if you’re into interior design, there are 12 fundamental Vastu principles to remember. By adhering to these guidelines, you may harness the unique energy of every home. Considerations such as furniture placement, orientation, privacy, room size, adaptability, cost, design, vistas, layout, and cleanliness are essential when choosing a place to live. Many aspects of house design impact the capacity to comprehend Vastu for home principles and to construct harmonious living environments. 

Best Vastu Tips for Home Design

Plot Selection

For maximum advantages, consider plots facing southwest, south, or west. Pick out square or rectangular plots rather than ones that aren’t. The land should be gently sloping north, east, or northeast.

Trees Around the House

It is advisable to avoid mango, banana, or jamun trees near the house. Placing a peepal tree on the west side is considered auspicious. Planting an Imli tree in the southwest direction is considered favorable. Certain trees are believed to have auspicious qualities.

Open Spaces

Make sure there is ample open space around all sides of the building. Arrange the higher open spaces on the south and west sides while keeping the lower ones on the north and east sides.

Multiple Floors

It is recommended that the first floor be positioned in the southwest direction. It is advisable to refrain from having a storeroom on the first floor.
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Entrance Direction

The entrance should face northeast, east, or north for optimal results.

Guestroom Placement

It is advisable to place the guestroom in either the northwest or northeast direction.

Brahmasthan (Center)

Ensure there are no obstructions in the center of the house.

Door Shape and Size

Ensure that the width of the door is equal to half its height.

Paintings and Statues

Clear any portrayals involving war, violence, sorrow, or struggle

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