6 Tips on How to Choose the Right Facing for Your Gated Community Home

Understanding the Importance of Your Flat’s Facing is a major and deciding factor in purchasing a home in any gated community or independent homes/villa homes. It has several direct and indirect benefits you can never even imagine.

Vastu Compliance: 

Any Indian purchasing a home considers vastu compliance for major benefits. Proper facing of gated community flats ensures alignment with Vastu principles, promoting positive energy flow and overall well-being for occupants.

Natural Light and Ventilation: 

Optimal facing enhances access to natural light and ventilation, creating a bright, airy, and comfortable living environment conducive to health and happiness. If you consider buying a corner flat in Candeur Crescent, you can expect natural ventilation and light by default.

Scenic Views: 

Strategic facing offers picturesque views of surroundings, whether it’s lush greenery, serene water bodies, or majestic cityscapes, elevating the overall living experience and aesthetic appeal of the flat. Candeur Crescent offers scenic views with greenery from University of Hyderabad and Nallagandla lake nearby. 

Privacy and Security: 

Well-oriented flats minimise overlooking and offer enhanced privacy, while also facilitating better surveillance and security measures within the gated community.

Temperature Regulation: 

Proper facing helps regulate indoor temperatures, ensuring comfortable living conditions throughout the year and reducing reliance on artificial heating or cooling systems.

Resale Value: 

Flats with favourable facing commands higher resale value due to their inherent advantages, attracting potential buyers seeking desirable features and ensuring a sound investment for homeowners.

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