Unlock these Benefits of Investing in Soon-to-be Ready-to-Move-In Projects

Looking to make a smart investment decision? Consider buying a soon-to-be-ready-to-move-in project. In this article, we’ll explore why soon-to-be-ready-to-move-in properties can be an ideal investment option, from the benefits you should consider!

Avoid Paying Saturated Prices:
One of the foremost advantages of opting for soon-to-be ready-to-move-in projects is the opportunity to avoid paying high prices. With growing market demands in Hyderabad, you can often secure better deals compared to fully completed projects where prices may have peaked. You can enter the market at this stage that makes it an ideal investment option.

Maximise Your Options:
When it comes to choosing the right apartment in gated communities, having a variety of unit options is key. Buying with projects like us that are nearing completion (18 to 24* months to complete Crescent’s construction) allows you to select from a wider array of units, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and vaastu preferences. While multiple real estate companies / developers fail delivering on the committed timelines, Candeur’s legacy of “Ahead of schedule” completion gives you options with no chance of uncertainty.

Say No to Leftover Stock:
With soon-to-be ready-to-move-in projects, you can bid farewell to the fear of being left with limited or undesirable choices. With 4 of 5 flats being corner flats at Crescent, you can always have the edge over choosing the corner flats with ample lighting. Getting in early clearly gives you the advantage of choosing from the available inventory before it’s sold out and also allows you to spend most of your time utilising tons of amenities with your family.

Candeur Crescent: The Sweet Spot for Investment:
At Candeur Crescent, your gateway to the perfect investment opportunity is wide open. Positioned at the right time in the market cycle, Candeur Crescent offers the ideal blend of location, amenities, and value for money. With Candeur’s commitment to delivering ahead of schedule (18-24* months target), Crescent ensures your investment yields maximum returns and safe haven. Take advantage of this opportune moment to spend most of your time with family with abundant amenities available at Crescent. While the nearby projects in and around Gachibowli take 3 to 4 years to handover, Candeur Crescent gives you ahead-of-time delivery ensuring ample time to spend with your family and neighbourhood. 

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